Overcoming fears

Fears. We all have them. Why are we afraid of achieving our dreams? Why are we scared of making mistakes? From a young age, we are told that affording something is expensive, we can’t become an actor, we can’t travel across the world. Our minds are filled with “can’t can’t can’t”. The reality is, we are conquered by our brains. We cannot let society, family, and media control us. No matter how crazy our dreams are, we can achieve them as long as we put faith into it and believe in it. Want to quit your job and start traveling? Then do so! In order to succeed something in life, we have to face our fears and overcome them.  When  we fall, we cry, get up, and run to the finish line and become stronger. Without falling, we wouldn’t have been any stronger. No one can stop us. It’s time to change our mediocre thinkings and start living the way you want to see yourself in 20 years. 


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