Norwuz- (Spring Equinox)

So you might be wondering, what is a popular Persian festival?Nowruz is a Persian new year. It is celebrated in countries in Central Asia and the neighboring countries. (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and etc).  In our history, it has been celebrated since 3,000 years ago. This holiday occurs on the march of 21st, which is the same as first spring equinox. Nowruz is made up of compound words. “Nor”- which transelates to new and “ruz ” translates to day. I believe I this day, we should really just enjoy the sun and the weather that’s been revolving. 

The traditions originated from Iran, however, Nowruz is celebrated by many nationalities. On this day, people cook traditional foods made of wheat. The consider to make foods out of this because, after the cold days from winter, it gives us good energy. I haven’t celebrated this holiday a lot, but I especially like it because of the spring vibes and the traditional foods that are made around spring time only. Everything feels very green to me this day 🙂 

Here are some famous foods that are made 


I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t look appetizing, however, it takes like chocolate but it’s healthy for you! It is made of wheat and has a very long cooking process. Sumalak is only made during spring time, because the wheat is different at that time.   In different regions it is called  sumanau. It is prepared in a big pot and many people gather around. After it is done being prepared, neighbors give it to away to each other. This is just a popular tradition in Uzbekistan . 

Ko’k somsa

This is another traditional food, it has variety fillings such as potatoes, wheat, spinach and others. During spring, it is common to have greens in it. 


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