Body image


So, I just wanted to express my feelings. In today’s society, our images are taken too seriously. It seems like everyone else is concerned by how they look. This is not for only girls, but boys as well. They are pressured to look muscular and they take steroid and do unhealthy things to their bodies. Same with girls, which they attempt unhealthy conditions.  

When I was 13years young, I wanted to lose weight to look a certain weight. I used to under eat and lost about 10kg. But of course, it was very unhealthy because I was still young and growing. Eating disorders come in all different ways. I wish I could tell people that the way you look doesn’t matter. The thing that matters the most is what you achieve and your well being. It’s so heartbroken because in today’s society, everyone believes that they’re not good enough. We should all start accepting ourselves first, before anyone judges us. 

I believe that the media, plays a big role with eating disorders. I used to look at pictures and want to look like them. In reality, everything on the media is unrealistic. Everything is just photoshopped. Many people look up to models and try to follow they’re diet plans to lose weight. The question is “why would you want to look like everybody else?”. 


I want to share with you that looking a certain way won’t get to people notice you, because I used to think that way.  I regret for harming my body in the past by over training and under eating. You’re body is not just a “thing”. It’s all that you have so treat it with respect. Instead of counting on calories, I started eating abundantly with only counting the nutrients and the macros. 

Share any thoughts/experiences on this topic if you’d like to 🙂 


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