What I’ve learned after 2 years of working out


You might be looking for motivations to start your fitness journey. But hey, I’ve got some tips that can help you towards encouragements on why you should excercise more often. From a young age, I hated excercising and felt like it was dull. I had junk food addiction ( of course, all kids did! 😉 But anyways here are some lists that have changed me towards a better lifestyle

Sore muscles

The next day after working out, I woke up feeling sore in my muscles. I never had this feeling before. It was amazing because it felt like I achieved something amazing. As time went by, I got used to this feeling. 

Lower stress levels

After finishing my workout, I felt so much energized and felt so much more refreshed. When you excerise, you’re body releases cortisol levels, which has the same benefits as when you sleep, listen to music and etc. people who workout more often are more calmer. Pleas, lower cortisol level = more fat burn.

Better digestion

Before excersizing, I had stomach discomfort and after starting to work out, I’ve been going to the bathroom more often. 


When you workout, your body will naturally want to drink more water throughout the day. I used to have difficulties drinking water, but now I enjoy drinking them. If you drink more water, you’re body will clean out the toxins and will replenishing you.

Better posture

Working out will improve yiour back muscle

Increase of appetite 

You get to eat as much as you want! This will boost up your metabolism. Everybody should be eating enough healthy carbs, fats, veggies and fruits. Eat to nourish your body, but not starve.  

Build more muscle

Having more muscle mass won’t make you bulky, but instead will burn fat.

More energized

You will be surprised how much power you actually have!

Those were some of the things that I have recognized in the past 2years. I hope I motivated you to start working out.


Disappointments (thoughts)

We all have this feeling. Whether it’s failing a test, or just expecting too much. I don’t know how to express myself but, I was expecting to pass my tests for a scholarship, but I didn’t. This depended on my future soo much. Words cannot describe how fragile it feels to fail. I feel very weak to know that I have failed to enter a wonderful school full of miracle opportunities. I was chasing after my dreams, but suddenly it felt like my heart beat stopped moving as soon as I saw the letter “did not pass” . Have  you ever had this feelings? If so, what were they about? 

Insomnia remedy 

Insomnia may occur for everybody. It can become a serious issue in a long term, but hey, don’t worry about it cause you can treat it in so many ways! 🙂 so why do we have it in first place? Well, our souls and subconscious minds conflict with each other when it wants something. Your should and mins is in peace when you’re asleep. But did you know that when you meditate (do breathing excercizes) has the same benefits as sleeping? That’s why meditators need less sleep. 

If you are stressing over why you cannot do, don’t be stressed cause sleeping won’t help you and will make you tired the next day more. Instead, try taking 5 deep breaths. Inhale for 10seconds and hold for a long time and release the stress. Do this several times until you feel sleepy. If you don’t fall asleep in 20minutes or so, the universe is telling you to do something more productive. Try reading, listening to music, solve puzzles and try finding hobbies. Here are some tips that will help you sleep faster


  • Magnesium rich foods (kale, spinach, yogurt, seeds)
  • Nuts (all kinds)
  • Warm fluids (milk)
  • Avoid sugar before bed and caffeine 
  • Potassium rich foods (bananas,potatoes,complex carbs)


  • Releasing cortisol will help you  sleep much after! Ex: listening to music, watching comedies. And of course, exercising! Cardio workouts release cortisol levels, making you stressed release
  • Avoid overthinking, just be happy with everything you have 
  • Before bed, try writing down 10things that made you happy that day, this will release stress before bed

I hope some of my tips helps you. I know coping with insomnia is not easy, but we are not alone in this world 🙂 Release all the negative emotions 

-xx Franky 🙂 

Overcoming fears

Fears. We all have them. Why are we afraid of achieving our dreams? Why are we scared of making mistakes? From a young age, we are told that affording something is expensive, we can’t become an actor, we can’t travel across the world. Our minds are filled with “can’t can’t can’t”. The reality is, we are conquered by our brains. We cannot let society, family, and media control us. No matter how crazy our dreams are, we can achieve them as long as we put faith into it and believe in it. Want to quit your job and start traveling? Then do so! In order to succeed something in life, we have to face our fears and overcome them.  When  we fall, we cry, get up, and run to the finish line and become stronger. Without falling, we wouldn’t have been any stronger. No one can stop us. It’s time to change our mediocre thinkings and start living the way you want to see yourself in 20 years. 

Rant about scholarships 

So yesterday, I went to a school to get a scholarship. It was a scholarship for a private school, which I dream about studying there. The public schools here are not very good and hard to get education from. I want to get out of my comfort zone and start doing something that can impact on my future, so I decided to apply for the scholarship. It was a big deal for me. When I saw all those people around me, I lost confidence in myself and didn’t believe in myself. When we took the exam, it consisted of variety of tests that was unexpected. Of course, winning scholarships isn’t easy, but it’s worth trying for it. Even if I don’t get passed by it, it will still prepare me in the future to discover other stuff. Don’t let your goals remain as dreams and try again 🙂 I’m still in high school, but I believe we should face our fears and become stronger. Nothing is impossible in life as long as we put faith into everything we do. 
-good luck xx

Body image


So, I just wanted to express my feelings. In today’s society, our images are taken too seriously. It seems like everyone else is concerned by how they look. This is not for only girls, but boys as well. They are pressured to look muscular and they take steroid and do unhealthy things to their bodies. Same with girls, which they attempt unhealthy conditions.  

When I was 13years young, I wanted to lose weight to look a certain weight. I used to under eat and lost about 10kg. But of course, it was very unhealthy because I was still young and growing. Eating disorders come in all different ways. I wish I could tell people that the way you look doesn’t matter. The thing that matters the most is what you achieve and your well being. It’s so heartbroken because in today’s society, everyone believes that they’re not good enough. We should all start accepting ourselves first, before anyone judges us. 

I believe that the media, plays a big role with eating disorders. I used to look at pictures and want to look like them. In reality, everything on the media is unrealistic. Everything is just photoshopped. Many people look up to models and try to follow they’re diet plans to lose weight. The question is “why would you want to look like everybody else?”. 


I want to share with you that looking a certain way won’t get to people notice you, because I used to think that way.  I regret for harming my body in the past by over training and under eating. You’re body is not just a “thing”. It’s all that you have so treat it with respect. Instead of counting on calories, I started eating abundantly with only counting the nutrients and the macros. 

Share any thoughts/experiences on this topic if you’d like to 🙂 

Facts about multilingual person

Hey! So some of you might be wondering what are the benificials of being a multilingual, so I wanted to share you some motivations and tips for you to succeed. 


Learning a new language will be hard at first of course, but after years and years of practice, you will be thanking yourself. Here are some things that you can do with learning a new language. Learning a new language will not only help you in different countries, but it will also open up your mind in different perspectives and you can see things differently. 

 Here are some job opportunities/benefits:

  • Work in different companies
  • Import/Export
  • Translater 
  • Airline service


It’s awesome watching movies without subs, but hey, did you know that people who speak more then 1 languages are smarter? A study has shown that with bilingual students, they’re brains work more efficiently. A monolingual person’s brain worked harder while a bilingual student’s brain worked efficiently. Here are some list of things that will encourage you to learn a new language 

  • Helps with social excercise 
  • Expands perspectives 
  • Increases creativity 
  • Slows brain aging
  • Improves memory skills
  • Split personalities

Last but not least… encourages us to travel! 

❝Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.❞

‒Sarah Caldwell